About us

Plazmonika is a spin-off company of the largest Lithuanian research Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC) established in 2019 and located in the campus of Laser Technologies in Vilnius (Lithuania). The company specializes in the development of plasmonic-based substrates and sensors by using laser technologies. 

The patented laser-based technology was demonstrated in a high-quality research paper.


Patent No. 6558, the State Patent Bureau of the Republic of Lithuania, name of the invention "The method of generation and distribution of nanoparticles on transparent surfaces", invention data: 10 10 2018.


Poster presentation ā€œFabrication of gold nanoparticles on ITO substrates using nanosecond laser and their potential applicationsā€ in 22-nd International Conference ā€“ School "Advanced materials and technologies", Palanga, Lithuania, 24-28 08 2020.


MITA project No. 01.2.2-MITA-K-702-04-0006 for financial support.